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Online orders for private customers
You'll find after our prices all taxes included for private customers.
Please note that prices are for an expedition in France
but we can ship anywhere in the world.

In this case, send us an e-mail with your complete adress and your wish list,
we will write you back with a complete offer.

Reminder : A peel = a peel head + a handle

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Pastry peels
60 x 18 cm 
37,23 €
60 x 20 cm 
37,78 €
60 x 24 cm 
42,00 €
60 x 30 cm 
45,26 €

Round peels
Ø 30 cm 
40,22 €
Ø 33 cm 
43,00 €
Ø 35 cm 
45,00 € 
Ø 38 cm 
47,20 €
Ø 40 cm 
49,20 €